How to Cool Down Your Mac Mini

The Mac Mini can make a great little desktop or server, but it can also get pretty hot. The simplest solution to negate this is to elevate the Mini in order to improve airflow.

You can do this cheaply and easily by attaching some rubber feet (or anything similar really), like these, to the bottom of the Mac Mini:
Mac Mini with Rubber Feet

It will elevate it a bit, allowing for airflow underneath:

Mac Mini with Rubber Feet

Es todo.

Switch Audio Outputs with a Keyboard Shortcut on OS X

If you frequently switch between your Mac’s speakers and headphones (or any multiple outputs), you know the first-world problem of having to open System, click on Sound, and change the output device. You could also switct outputs by pressing ⌥ (option key) + mouse click on the volume icon in the menu bar, which displays all your inputs…

AppleScript: Toggle Grayscale On/Off with a Keyboard Shortcut

So OS X 10.11 – El Capitan broke an AppleScript that I had been using to toggle grayscale mode on/off, resulting in a script error: All it took was adding a delay to fix the script (notated as a comment in the script below). If you are running into errors with a previously used “Toggle Grayscale” AppleScript…

AppleScript: Find Pane ID for System

I just started diving into AppleScript a little more, and figured out a nifty way of finding the pane ID for any of the panes (General, Mouse, Network, etc.) in the System Preferences app. This is extremely useful for creating scripts that need to access any of the System settings. Tested on Mac OS X…

NoScript Affecting Firefox’s Pocket Add-on

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Remove Menu Bar Icon in VMware Fusion 8

If you’re familiar with past versions of VMware Fusion, you might have noticed that the setting to show/hide it’s menu bar icon has changed in VMware Fusion 8. It used to reside in Virtual Machine>Settings but has now moved. Here’s how to find it: From the top menu bar in OS X, click VMware Fusion>Preferences… In the General tab,…