Locate the FaceTime Ringtones Directory in Mac OS X

Looking for the default ringtones and alert tones sound files from Apple’s FaceTime app for Mac OS X? Here’s where to find them in OS X 10.11 – El Capitan:

  1. Click the Finder icon on your dock and then press the Go to the folder shortcut on your keyboard:
  2. In the Go to the folder window text box that appears, enter this directory:
  3. In the new directory there will be multiple folders, but all you’re interested in are the folders AlertTones and Ringtones.Sound Files Directory for FaceTime.app Ringtones
  4. In there you will find .caf and .m4r sound files, which you can convert to another format using something like XLD (X Lossless Decoder) or Max.AlertTones Directory for FaceTime.app Ringtones Ringtones Directory for FaceTime.app Ringtones

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